When I done with dishes, I generally hand wash them right

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less heat on penticton drug dealers as mounties work 2 murder cases

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Tennessee has Henry who is quietly having a phenomenal year along with a couple of young talented WRs. Detroit has Golladay who is a top 10 WR, Marvin Jones and a 1st round pick at TE. Philly has had a ton of injuries at WR, but alshon is still probably the best WR on this team and Ertz is an elite TE..

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I know the defensive talent hasn’t been great the past two seasons but I was legitimately excited for James Bettcher and the change wholesale dolphin jerseys of the defense last year. It takes time to rebuild from nearly 3 decades of 4 3 to a 3 4, and that’s fair, but man I’ve been disappointed in his performance as a DC. I don’t see his coaching elevating the players on his defense.

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