So far I love commuting to work but I have a question

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Backpack vs Panniers for laptop

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canada goose clearance sale Bike Light Database with reviews and other infoI just started commuting on my bike. It is a Salsa Vaya with 26 inch wheels. So far I love commuting to work but I have a question. I am a computer nerd by profession so I currently lug basically a server around in my back pack. Just kidding it is a laptop. It is a Lenovo w530 which ends up being about 10 in dimensions. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale My commute involves a wicked downhill, and an absolutely brutal uphill on the way back. I used to think I was in decent shape, I run regularly, and hit the gym, I haven yet made it up the hill without having to stop a few times haha. Oh well I make it a bit farther each time. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose My question is, would using panniers make it easier for me to cruise around, I know sweat is going to be an issue in the summer, but it is still 25 degrees outside right now so I not that concerned. With my laptop, work clothes, and my snacks the backpack is fairly puffed out. Should cheap canada goose I go for panniers or am I just trying to think up new creative ways to spend money?I like canada goose jacket outlet sale panniers far more than backpacks. canada goose

The trick is. you have to get a GOOD pannier. If you order some cheap gnasty pannier, it probably won have a sturdy enough connection canada goose shop vancouver system and it will canada goose outlet store toronto come loose mysterously.

I like my Ortliebs. They lock really securely to the rack and you can tell readily that they have been locked or not locked. And I keep my laptop in one of canada goose outlet winnipeg those neoprene sleeves so it doesn get scuffed up and has a bit of vibration padding.

My biggest concern with a laptop in panniers is the vibrations. The idea of the uk canada goose outlet laptop getting jolted around that much bothers me. The first and last time I ever did put my laptop in a panier bag the bag fell off and slid through an intersection (my fault. I always bungee the panier now).

Canada Goose online I come to love a Chrome Messenger bag and no longer use the pannier bag at all. Even in the summer with the sweaty back I prefer the shoulder bag over the pannier. I bring a change of clothes anyway so what do I care about the sweat. It fits everything I need to carry and is very comfortable. (The key to comfort is packing it properly. Always pack it flat with the heavy items to the “bottom” when it on your back.) Canada Goose online.

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