Working with students is enjoyable and rewarding

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Canada Goose online The College of Business at ACU COBA Alumni Canada Goose online

Allison Phillips graduated from the College of Business in 2015 with a marketing degree. She is currently working for Deloitte Consulting as a Data Scientist for clients and lives in Denver, Colorado. She is also passionate about traveling and her job allows her to pursue that.

Q: How have your foundations at ACU and in COBA helped canada goose garson vest uk you in life post graduation?

A: During my time in COBA, I had the chance to lead student organizations, conduct research with faculty, and launch a student run analytics consultancy through Wildcat Ventures. These experiences gave me the chance to gain experience as a researcher and consultant really early in life, which made my transition from school to work much easier. Professional skills aside, COBA canada goose hybridge lite uk gave me a lengthy list of mentors who guided and supported me as I tried to figure out the career direction I wanted to pursue. Having adults in my life who listened and gave me canada goose uk outlet honest opinions about the decisions I was making has had a huge impact on the way I make decisions in my personal and professional life.

Q: Can you describe your work in data analytics and the Canada Goose Online experiences you had with your company?

uk canada goose A: I’m currently a Data Scientist in Deloitte’s Consulting practice, canada goose outlet 2015 which allows me to work with different clients to understand what has happened, predict what will happen in the future, and make more effective decisions with that information. I’ve gotten to work with companies as well canada goose outlet new jersey as federal agencies, and I enjoy the challenge of learning about new industries and continuing to develop my technical skills while solving a wide variety of business challenges. In a given week, I work with teammates from all across the country to write code, conduct statistical analysis, design experiments, build slides, and brief clients. I’ve met some really incredible people at Deloitte, and it’s been fun to work with teammates whose backgrounds are very different than mine. uk canada goose

Allison with friends hiking Machu Picchu in Peru.

canada goose uk outlet Q: What should students who are interested in data analytics be doing while they are in school to prepare for that after graduation? canada goose uk outlet

A: Students interested in analytics should take data mining and programming classes to understand if they enjoy the kind of work they would be doing as a data scientist. Outside of class, students should look for relevant internships, opportunities to conduct research with faculty or job openings at ARG (the analytics piece of Wildcat Ventures). A lot of different paths lead to analytics careers so I would recommend learning some basic technical skills and looking for opportunities to apply those in ways that interest you.

Q: Would you share some of your favoritememories or experiences of traveling? How doyou balance that with work?

Canada Goose Jackets A: I love traveling and definitely take advantage of all my time off! One of my goals is to visit all 59 National Parks, so I spend a lot of weekends hiking and camping canada goose outlet black friday with friends. Last year I also hiked to Machu Picchu with a big group of friends, road tripped through Norway with my college roommate (where we tried to break into a house that turned out not to be our AirBnB), and traveled through Southeast Asia with my family, where we ziplined to the tallest treehouses in the world. Learning about different cultures and experiencing ways of life that are different than mine is really important to me, and I’ve been lucky to have colleagues who are supportive of that. Plus it super fun! Canada Goose Jackets

Story by Hanna Roberts, junior marketing major

Canada Goose Parka We are thrilled to announce that more than 80 of our COBA alumni joined together to fund the COMPETE WITH HONOR section of Wildcat Stadium, surpassing the $100,000 goal by more than $25,000. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats COBA is the academic home for many current and former ACU athletes. The stadium construction will be completed in time for the first home game on September 16, 2017, against Houston Baptist. This will be the first game played on campus since 1958 and everyone athletes, students, faculty and staff alike are enthusiastic to see football return to ACU’s grounds. canada goose coats

The new stadium, coupled with new head Coach Adam Dorrel’s experience and strategic plans for the program, will invigorate ACU Athletics’ culture. Dorrel’s overarching goal for the season is to get players, coaches, and everyone associated with the football program involved in and developing a new philosophy. “We will become more serious about academics and training diet, nutrition, and practicing like they will cheap Canada Goose play,” says Dorrel. “We want those in the program to treat each other properly as well as those outside of the program.”

Time lapse photo of current construction on Wildcat Stadium

The football practice field overlooks the rising stadium and players are inspired by the excitement of seeing their new home grow closer to completion. Not only will the culture of the football program become more enriched by the addition of the stadium, the student body as a whole will be greatly impacted. Students are getting enthused about football in new ways and are looking forward to establishing new traditions. Dorrel thinks that alumni will also be reenergized by cheap canada goose the new addition and hopes that they will not be made proud “by wins, but by the whole, holistic athlete the program is supporting.”

cheap canada goose uk COBA would like to thank our alumni for their generosity and involvement. We hope that you will join us in the fall for the opening of Wildcat Stadium. Go Wildcats! cheap canada goose uk

What drew you to teaching? Why did you want to work with students?

canada goose uk shop I have always loved to learn as much as possible. Working with students is enjoyable and rewarding. canada goose uk shop

What the best part of working with students?

Taking an intimidating concept, breaking it down and explaining it, and watching students have the “lightbulb” moment when it clicks.

Have you ever given up any big opportunities to keep working with students?

uk canada goose outlet Turned down opportunity to work at a major bank doing anti money laundering. uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Outside of teaching, what passions and hobbies do you have? buy canada goose jacket cheap

I love to cook. We live in the country and have chickens, sheep, goats, and cattle.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

I was recognized by the Treasury department for my contribution and efforts in working with the canada goose outlet store usa Regulatory Audit division, which was nice. However, I am most proud that I have balanced having a big family with my career. Most of the women I went to canada goose outlet michigan school with had to choose one or the other.

Who is your role model, and why?

I think my Dad is my biggest role model. He has a strong work ethic, is smart, unselfish and one of the best examples of what a good Christian looks like. His professional career was that of a programmer and database administrator. He has been a song leader at church for as long as I can remember. He has been happily married to my mom for over fifty years.

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