Your words truly have helped me reinstate a positive mindset

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After a slow, defensive start, the Icemen ripped off the first five goals of the contest from five different skaters. Hedden, Garret Ross, Maxime Fortier, Chase Lang, and Brendan Warren each found the back of the net over a 16 minute stretch from the end of the first period to the early parts of the second. Atlanta finally got off the mat with 9:00 to play in the middle frame.

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On the bright side, it was my only session as an intern at the studio. I was quickly promoted to assistant engineer based, in part, on my work during her session. My Grandma was also very tickled to learn that I had been dating one of her favorite characters on one of her favorite shows..

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I feel so helpless. I don know how to move past this. I wish I could stop caring so much about what others think of me, especially because now I really have to. 4) Even though playoffs in Yahoo take place week 15 and 16 goal is reflect scores from week 13 and 14 in my league. So I go back and zero out all the scores for week 13 and 14, which will trick Yahoo in accepting final regular season standings week 12 to create Yahoo playoff brackets. This may be the only thing that could get faked up cause when will Yahoo lock the scores so I can change them??.

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