Most things skill related, survivability, some weapon types,

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canada goose black friday sale First of all, is tremendously overcomplicated and even more restrictive.You can only modify one thing on an item and it has to come Canada Goose Jackets from the same kind of item, and the same kind of stat/talent but then it only increases by a given %.Jesus dude, do you really need to overcomplicate it this fucking much to get us to farm over and over and over and over again to get an almost perfect item where we only need to change ONE thing? It beyond ridiculous.Let me change anything I want at increased cost for every change, even then I still need to farm items to get whatever stats I canada goose shop austria want and whatever talents I want. First with Diablo 3, then with Destiny now followed by Division. It always starts out with a stingy loot economy and limited crafting options exacerbated by the “high difficulty” modes which are conflated by the player canada goose careers uk being incredibly squishy and the enemies having insane damage values.the developer eases the loot drops, makes balance changes for more interesting build variety and adjusts player/NPC damage. Soon crafting/farming/loot adjustments are made to allow interesting end game canada goose outlet in chicago resource sinks for the player and a solid carrot on the stick feel.sure in a little while Division 2 will have more reasonable crafting standards because as it stands between the high mat requirement, resource inventory caps, inability to recalibrate, and variance of gear canada goose outlet black friday power level crafting feels unrewarding on a lot of fronts. Based on how well it was run in Division 1 there are some choices that are blatant steps backwards for no real explanation, apart from maybe being afraid of players getting “god rolls” on gear early on in the game.don want to feel like a guinea pig testing a games loot economy for the first year or so of it lifetime. I worn out from accepting it in the name of balancing or to prevent people no lifing to god rolled weapons. If a third to half of the game lifepsan is spent figuring out how to run the loot part of canada goose uk telephone number a loot based game it gets old real quick. At this point these kinds of decisions have to be intentional, otherwise how do some of these systems get past amazon uk canada cheap canada goose goose a basic design review?Right now there no end game resource sink whatsoever. Weapon mods are finite, crafting/vendors are pointless (for the reasons you mention), and recalibration usage tapers off as you round out builds. What this ever growing pile of money supposed to be used for? What are the 99% of garbage drops supposed to be used for? TD1 had vendor bought loot caches in exchange for division credits canada goose outlet store montreal and phoenix credits, and it had meaningful crafting.Don even get me started on the current gearsets. Having been a Day 1 participant in both of those launches I can say that it isn a hard to reach a bar that low though haha.being said, their overall balance for loot isn near as bad as those were or Division 1 was at this point but we far from the perfect game state the honeymoon phase brought us to believe. Most things skill related, survivability, some weapon types, NPC behaviors, various bugs, 6pc sets are all underwhelming and frustrating at times. I appreciate Massive response and ability to work on making the game better. Bungie 6 month balance changes really make the grass look greener. They just need to keep listening to feedback and balance that with a reasonable approach to making the game better and better. Happens every time. Even the terrible ones that can afford losses, like Anthem, still go through the motions of deliberately ruining their own systems for as long as possible to keep players from hitting the loot ceilings too quickly.For the minimal amount of material, the odds of a good score are entirely random.But if you dump 2x, the range of the GS tightens, even if the attributes are random, the armor score and overall usefulness of the gear increases. Maybe make it so the slider is locked until your current GS is at a threshold.You would be spending more material for higher gear, so it’s a costly method to farm even buy canada goose jacket cheap if it guarantees a brand, and for the harder to get materials like the brand specific stuff, you need to collect and dismantle gear! If the probability of a bad roll canada goose outlet houston decreases, then the bad return on dismantling will be less important canada goose black friday sale.

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