Dessication means drying out

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canada goose clearance sale Scale of how likely they were to be pseudo patient; no pseudo patients were sent193 patients judged, 41 confidently identified as pseudo patients by one staff member, 23 suspected by psychiatrist, 19 suspected by psychiatrist and staff memberCONCEPTS AND DIAGNOSISExamine the concepts of normality and abnormality (22 marks)Szasz (1962) psychological [ab]normality is a culturally defined conceptTaylor and Brown (1988) those with depression are more accurate in their perception of realityDiscuss validity and reliability of diagnosis (22 marks)Cooper et al. (1972) New York / London diagnosisPsychiatrists in London and NY were shown the same videotaped clinical interviews, psychiatrists in NY twice as likely to diagnose schizophrenia while London psychiatrists twice as likely canada goose outlet to diagnose mania / depressionBeck et al. (1962) Psychiatrists agreementAgreement between two psychiatrists for 153 patients diagnoses was 54%Di Nardo et al. canada goose clearance sale

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